Guide for EMU4iOS Download 2020 – How to Guide

Now you will go to learn many things by downloading and installing the IMU4iOS on iOS devices. You can do lots of things like your favorite emulators and other best screen recorders using this app. 


The best part of this EMU4iOS is you need to jailbreak your device so that you will not going to lose the warranty of your device which the company offers. This app is pretty much support of all of the OS versions such as iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 and iOS 7 and also it’s very much compatible with all the iOS devices.  


Apple has tried many ways to not allow the EMU4iOS and they have released much other new security to not a slow the other third-party apps in iPhone bur EMU4iOS has won in this game. So now you can understand the safe using the iPhone is the app for the iPhone and other iOS devices.  


You can see there are most of the Emulators such as are available in the market GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS and SNES4iOS all these emulators will be opened on your iPhone by having this single app called EMU4iOS. 

So now you got an idea that how you can get benefits from the other apps including the emulators using EMU4iOS on your iPhone. Now check out in the below which you will find How to download and installation also the best features if this app using on iOS devices. 


EMU4iOS Download: 

You can simply open and all kinds of iOS emulators on your iPhone by simply having this app on the mobile device and as u said you no need to jailbreak you reduce and lose the warranty. You just need to install the apps then you will allow to use and run the apps on your iOS devices.  


If you face any problem while installing the app on devices especially iOS 9.3.1 or 9.4 then you can also find another way to install which you will find the guide below. 

Download EMU4iOS for iOS:  

This is the step by step guide for Downalodig EMU4iOS for iOS. I have explained this guide in a very easy and Best way so that you can easily able to understand without any issues. Just you need to follow the Guide carefully.

  • Before downloading the app on your iPhone you just make sure that your phone should be connected to a trusted Wifi network or else you can also use your cellular network data and also make sure that you no need to jailbreak your device.  Follow the below instructions which  I have given below.
  • The very first thing you need to do is go to System Configuration/Settings > Date & Time > Stop automatic time change and simply change the one day previous. The reason behind this setting is that if you have not set it them it shoals some error such as unable to download.
  • Now goto IEMUiOS website (make sure goto the official site) https://emu4ios.net/.
  • Now simply click on the application that you want to install on your device.
  • Once you have chosen the app to download now click on the install button to trust the app and start the installation procedure.
  • Wait until it’s finished everything and almost you ate done now.
  • Everything is ready, Now you can use the app from the main menu.  

This is the complete step by et0p if the How you can download the EMU4iOS. Now you wil be going to know the Features of the EMU4iOS in the below Steps. Do so Follow them carefully.

 EMU4iOS Features: 

  • EMU4iOS is a very much fast, simple UI and also it’s more effective to give the best result to the users of it. 
  • You no need to jailbreak your dives which means there is also no fear of losing the warranty.
  • EMU4iOS will always release the newly released app on the market and as I user you will find all the new release apps and other stuff from it.
  • You won’t find any kind of malware and viruses on this app store. 
  • You will not be going to get disturbed about ads and also it’s free to download and usage.
  • Most of the free apps will come with ads get you will not feel comfortable using those apps.  
  • But when it comes to EMU4iOS it has ads and you can download it for free anytime that you want to use. 


EMU4iOS Store Apps List:  




Happy Chick 








PlayBox HD 


The above is the EMU4iOS Store list”Now come completed the guide of EMU4iOS Download. Still, If you have any questions about this guide do let me know in the comment section below.  


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