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Forgot windows 8 Administrator Password | Simply Reset with cmd:

If you have “Forgotten Windows 8 Administrator Password” and want to reset with cmd then This is the Guide for you Only. You actually no need to go for and Password Reset Disk and any other Third party Password recovery Tool.


When you will have a chance to do it with cmd why do you go for other Tool which cost some amount from your Pocket?


When you Forgot windows 8 administrator password You can easily Reset your Windows 8 password with a command prompt that to I have explained it in a Very Easy Methods so that everybody can easily understand and get the Best Result.


Actually, as most People Know windows has Two types of Account one is Online and Another one is Offline. If you want to Reset the Online Password then you can easily reset it here.


Bur now when it comes to the Local user Password Reset and if you have forgotten this Password and wants to reset it then Just go ahead with this Guide and Simply Follow the steps Below to reset the password.


Now you will learn easily how to reset Windows 8 local user account password with command prompt in the Below guide.


Now you will find an “Ease of access” symbol which is located on the left bottom of the screen. Now you will be able to Learn how to replace “ease of access” menu with command prompt and also How to Reset it with Simple and easy way.


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Forgot windows 8 administrator Password: Reset with cmd:

  • First, you have to Insert Windows 8 recovery DVD in CD drive and simply Restart Your PC.
  • Now your PC will Reboot from your DVD.
  • Click and Choose the Language from the option “Choose the language”.
  • Once you have Done you will be able to See “Choose your keyboard layout” screen, Simply Select your keyboard layout.
  • Now click on the “Troubleshoot” from the  “Choose an option”.
  • Click on the Advanced option from the Troubleshoot screen.
  • Now you have to Click on the “Command prompt” in the Advanced options screen. Now you will see an Administrator Feature in a Pop Up Window.
  • Now You able to will see “x:\windows\system32>”
  • Type c: and press enter. If your OS is not in C drive, Then you need to Enter the Drive Name that where your OS has.
  • Type cd windows and Hit enter. (Note: space between cd and windows.)
  • Type cd system32 and Hit enter. (Note: space between cd and system32.)
  • Type copy cmd.exe cmd.exe.cmd2 . and Hit enter.
  • Type copy Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.Utilman2 . and Hit enter.
  • Type del Utilman.exe . and Hit enter.
  • Type ren cmd.exe Utilman.exe . and Hit enter.
  • Type exit. And Hit enter. Now command prompt will be closed.
  • Now You able will see “Choose an option” screen. Click on Turn off.


Finally Turn on the System, You will able to See the Login screen front of your Screen. Now you have to click on the “Ease of access” symbol. Once you have Clicked now you will able to a Command prompt will pop up with administrator privileges.


  • Type net user and Hit enter (Note: space between “net” and “user”).
  • You will see user account names.
  • You can reset administrator or any other user password.
  • Type net user your name * and Hit enter.
  • It’s Time to Enter the Now type new password. Once you have Entered your Password simply Hit the Enter Button.
  • Now Simply Retype password. and Hit Enter.
  • Type exit. And Hit Enter.


Now you will able to Log into your Account with the password that you have Just Created. Also, it’s time to take your System to the previous state by following the Guide below.


For that, you have to Insert the Recovery DVD in D Drive and you have to Boot From the DVD. Now simply Follow the above Steps to open a command prompt.


Now you will able to see a command prompt with admin privileges in front of you.

  • Type c: and Hit Enter Button.
  • Type cd windows . and Hit Enter Button.
  • Type cd system32 . and Hit Enter Button.
  • Type del Utilman.exe . and Hit Enter button.
  • Type ren Utilman.exe.Utilman2 Utilman.exe . and Hit enter.
  • Type ren cmd.exe.cmd2 cmd.exe . and Hit Enter.
  • Type exit . and Hit Enter.

Now you can check your system’s “ease of access” menu Easily.



This How you can Recover your Forgot windows 8 administrator password”. If you like this post Do share with your friends.


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