How to Delete Skype Chat History on Android

How to Delete Skype Chat History on Android

Today I will be going to tell in this article about How to Delete Skype Chat History on Android. Skype is an Old Days App when there are no SmartPhones On the Market.


People Are Using the Skype on PC and Mac From the Older Days make Video call And Media Chat and Still It’s Continuing its Popularity and Also Its Growing Day by Day.


Later Skype using Started on Mobiles where and Getting liked by Most of the People. Now You can Easy Make Video calls From your Android Mobile to have a Good Video Conversion. Even I have been Using Skype from Long Ago and there are My Friends who are Using Skype And Having Better Satisfaction.


Nowadays Skype is Become A Primary Sorce to Make a Video Call and Also Chat With the People. Also, There are the Companies who made Skype is their to Connect with the People. There is also an option that you can Chat on Skype itself.


Delete Skype Chat History:

Now, Sometimes there the time will come How to Clear the Chat that what you have on your Andriod Mobile or Some other Devices. So once you have decided to Clear chat and not Able to Do it then you have to Follow the Guide which I Will be Going to Tell You.



Delete Skype Chat History



This Guide will Make you get the Knowledge about the Delete Skype Massage or Chat History from the Andriod Mobile. Just you need to follow.



How to Delete Skype Chat History on Android:

Here is the Guide about Delete Skype chat history on your Mobile phone. Just follow the below step by step guide that is available in a very easy and understanding method.


  • First, you have to Open the Skype App Form your PC or Mac.
  • Now You Have to Login to Skype App with Your ID and Password that you use on your Mobile.
  • Once Skype is Opened then You will See privacy and clear the history option which under the Desktop App.
  • You have to click on the Clear history to Proceed Further.
  • Now you have to Open the Skype App on your Mobile and Do Signout.
  • Go Settings on You Andriod Mobile.


How to Delete Skype Chat History



  • Then click on the Apps to get the Application List where Your all Apps Listed.


Delete Skype Chat History


  • You have to Find the Skype app And Click on it.
  • Now You will see there are Two options Force Stops and Uninstall.
  • Click on the Force Stops and Clear Caches to Clear the Previous Data.
  • It’s Time to log in Again into Skype by Ypue Use ID and Password.
  • Now you will see there is No Chat History right.
  • That it. You are Done.



This is How You have to “Delete Skype Chat History on Android”. Still, any of your Friends Facing Same Issues then Do share this article and If you have any Doubts reading this DO let me know in the Comment section. I will always come forward to help you.


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