How to Create a Website using WordPress

Create a website has become very easy nowadays than before, but people always think that creating a website is very difficult of course it could be true then the Starting Day,  but in recent days there was a lot of changes in technology. from 2003 when theWordpress Released with CMS stands for content management system which means is it preloaded programming which you can design a website even you don’t know the single line of coding.


Now in the market, we will find there are lots of website making platforms but the WordPress will be going to be the top of this list because it offers so many features with awesome looks.


There are 50% of people using WordPress because of the user interface, and it’s very completely to user-friendly. Even the number of users of WordPress you getting increasing day by day.


1. Why WordPress for beginners:


Well there are lots of website making platforms are available but to understand easily to the beginner I suggest you go for WordPress because of its user-friendly and very easy to handle a free newbie.


2. WordPress is totally free of Cost:

Yes, the WordPress is offering the best features also you will get the WordPress totally free of cost you no need to pay an even single penny. For downloading WordPress and installing it is totally free.


3. WordPress Offering The Beautiful themes and layouts:

As I said above you can use the great themes and layouts to look your Website awesome, and even you will get all themes and plugins completely free. There are lots of beautiful themes are available and some of the themes you can get pre-installed while you downloading the WordPress.


4. Great plugins:

The best thing about the WordPress plugins if you are a newbie then you might not understand what is plugin is, in simple words to say, to make your work in the easy and short way called the plugin. In WordPress there are lots of plugins are available for free of cost. 


5. WordPress is Completely beginners friendly:

Even if you know how to use Microsoft Word then you can make a website with help of WordPress. Because as I said about there lots of plugins available to make a work in an easy way. that’s why the WordPress is one of the top most website platforms. Even also you can handle contact forms and image galleries with help of this plugins.


6. All types of websites (small and big):

WordPress is not only the platform which we can make a simple is a website but this is a platform also you can make a terrific website too.


7. Responsible for all types of screen size:

Another big advantage of WordPress it’s very responsible for all types of screens. I mean it will open in desktop well even we can open your website on the small screen of your mobile also it very responsible for tablets As well.


8. Quick community support:

Yes, you will get more and quick solutions for your problem about WordPress problems, because there are lots of people who are using WordPress so you will get quick response and feedback from other people even you can get from the WordPress contact form Also.


Ok let’s start a website help of WordPress:

  • Before you start a WordPress website you need to do something before it, you not understand please let me explain briefly.
  • The first thing you need to buy a domain name and hosting. 


If you didn’t understand what is domain and hosting in upcoming articles I will be going to explain briefly about domain and hosting. And I hope you know something about a domain and hosting because if you are searching on the Internet that creates a website in WordPress which means you have some knowledge about hosting and domain.


Buy a domain and hosting:

  • First, let start with buying a domain:

There are lots of websites who are offering to buy a domain name on your own. but in this article, I am going to tell you about buying a domain from Godaddy. Because understand easily, am telling you about the Godaddy Today, Ok, so now let’s see how to buy a domain from Godaddy.

  • Then you should start searching for a domain name that you want
  • You can see the picture below that how to search for a domain


  • If the domain is not available, try to search for similar 
  • Once you found the rights to my for you then click on next
  • Then it will go for add to cart page after that, you will get page redirect to your payment page
  • Now just simply make your payment that’s it now you Domain is yours
  • Once you’re on your door right now it’s time to buy a hosting.


How to buy hosting on Godaddy:

Here I am telling you that, it is not a promotion of GoDaddy, but just I am mentioning GoDaddy here to understand for Newbie easily.

  • Buying hosting on Godaddy is pretty simple it’s very similar to as you buy a domain.
  • First, you need to choose your hosting type. when I say hosting type there are lots of variety in hosting I’ll suggest for a newbie, Just you can start with a shared hosting.
  • Because being a Newbie you no need to spend lots of money on buying a domain and hosting  In your Starting Days.
  • Once you will get understand and when you become the master of websites in Online, then you can change your hosting and So On.
  • Now just click on shared hosting and then select your plan yeah I will suggest you it will take 1-year hosting will be the better option for you.
  • Once you select your hosting then click on add to cart then it will be added to your court then you can make a payment by your debit card Internet banking.
  • Now that’s all now you have a brandable to Domain and hosting in your hand
  • It’s time for install WordPress and start your website


How to install a WordPress:

Installing a WordPress is not a difficult task that you Think,  to it’s pretty simple just follow the below instruction to install a WordPress and start your website on the Internet.

  • While you buying a hosting you will get C panel right.
  • Now you need to login into  Cpanel by the username and password that you got in your email address.
  • Once you logged in into Cpanel,  the C panel will look like the below picture


  • Now on the bottom side of C panel, you will find the WordPress icon 
  • Just you need to click on that icon and it will open a new page that showing to install
  • Now click on the install after clicking on the install you need to fill some data of your website like the name of your website in the title menu and you need to type your website URL then following blanks also you need to feel than last you have to click on install.
  • Now it will start installing after installed it, you will get a new page with your website address and the admin login URL.
  • Now you have to go to the admin page with your website then log in with your WordPress username and password then starts to customize your website. 


So this is the way how you install the WordPress and start using it. I hope now you have gotten an idea that how to install WordPress. In upcoming articles, I will be going to explain all about WordPress and even about plugins also.


I hope you understand this article well. if you have any doubts regarding this post and installing the WordPress, Please let me know by the comment section below thanks.

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