How to Find Your Phone Number on Android Phone

How to Find Your Phone Number: When you are new to Android Mobile and wants to Know your Own Phone Number within the Mobile then you have to Find the Mobile. Which Means you, Cant, Get this Mobile number of your on Mobiles in such way that to Get easily.


Most Of the Time its Be Very Important to Remember Your Own Phone Number. Because if anyone Ask to Your Mobile number or in any other time when your number to give any office or some other Places then it’s important to give the Number.


So Remember your own Mobile Number is Must and Important to have on your mind, Therefore you need to Know your Number First, For that You Need to Find the Number. Which Means you have to Get to know the Online number first.


So The Below are the ways to Find Your Own Mobile Number from Your Mobile which is very easy and continent.


How to Find Your Phone Number:

Method 1:  In the contacts app:


When you Purchased an Andriod Phone and you Have set up A Contact Profile on your Mobile, Then It will be Easy to Find the Phone Number Easily in a short time without Getting any late. You Can also Find Your Email ID and Other Detailes too.


Follow the Below Steps to Find your Phone Number


  • Goto Contacts on your Mobile and on that List You will See on The Top of the List, ME Contact or My Contact.


If You have not Set it Up, Then You can Simply set it By Clicking Setup My Profile, Once you have Clicked then You need to Fill all the details over there Such as name, Phone Number, Email-id and also you can Add more Filed if you want such as Business name and Likes and also many other Fields which you will Find on the List over there.


Method 2: Find In Settings:


This is the ANother Method to Find your Own Phone Number within Your Mobile. This is the way that you can Find the Number on Only Some of the Andriod Versions. It May Not Available on All the Andriod versions. You cam Simply Find the Number By Following the Below Steps.


  • First, You have to Goto the Setting From the Home Screen and Scrolling the Down From the Screen of your Notification Bar.


  • Scroll Down the Setting and Select About Phone or else About Device. In the List, Your Will find the Number of yours.


  • Or else you will see Status or Phone Identity.


Now In the Status, you will see the Phone Number which will be on Voice MSISDN Line 1” or “SIM card status“.


Method 3:  Find In Messages app:


  • Open the Message App from your Mobile.


  • Select the Setting in the Contacts.


  • Just Scroll Down the screen and You will See the Phone Number Below of the Screen.



Method 4: Call to Customer Service Help Line:


You can Also Know Your Phone Number By Calling to the Help Line on this Method 4.

  • Call: 1-800-444-4444



If Your phone number shows as “Unknown”?


If You Find there like Unknown Then You need to check the Sim Card that you have Inserted it properly Or Not. and if there is Anything wrong then Simply Remove the Sim Card and Reinsert It proper and Follow the Above Methods.

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