How to Make Money from Amazon Beginner Guide.

You guys all heard about making money from amazon Right? But lots of people don’t know How to do it so I am going to tell you How to make money from amazon.


If you want to make money from amazon then you have to know about Affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing means if I say in simply you will recommend the online products to the people, if people will buy the product that you recommend then you will get Commission out of it.


Likewise, Amazon is selling lots of products like clothes, shoes and many other electronics on their website. So if you recommend those products to the people they will pay some commission to you. It’s called affiliate marketing.


I hope you understand what is affiliate marketing is. Now I’ll be going to show you making money from Amazon and also I will going to show you how to join to Amazon and how to start using affiliate marketing from Amazon.


How to sign up into Amazon affiliate?


  • First, you have to search for Amazon affiliate on google or Signup with this link


  • Then you select the first link then the welcome screen will appear like the below screen.


  • Now click on to the Join now free which is located on the top right of the screen.


  • When you click on that you have signup using your email. If you have already registered with amazon then you can start signup with that email. But if not registered with then you have to click on the new user.


  • Then you have to fill the form which you will see the on the screen.


  • Once you signup on Amazon then you will g confirmation email after 2 days.


  • Once you got that then you can start using it.


How to Monetize your Blog with Amazon:


  • Once you get an approval from the amazon Then you are ready for make money through amazon


  • But It’s not that easy you have to provide the best reviews of the product and you should promote the best product to your readers.


  • After login into Amazon as an affiliate, you can see there are lots of Banners and links out there.


  • Now you can take those banners and paste into your website by using the Java code.


Note: please remember that there are different affiliate programs for different countries. So you have to decide that which country you are targeting for your products.


  • Select the products as per your country people require u mean you have to find out which are the product are selling well in which country.


  • Are you confusing with the products that which product that you want to choose then you can search on Google that best selling product and make sure that add a country beside of that for Ex: Best selling product in the USA.


  • Then you will get an idea that the products you have to promote. You can also join for various countries affiliate on the same email.


Commissions rates on Different Types Of Products:

Amazon Is Giving the different types of commission for Various Products Category and the Commission rates are starting from 1% – 10%. Its all depends on the category of the product.


As you are watching the picture below For Digital Video games And Luxury Beauty you will get High Commissions and it all Some Difference for various Counties you can check those rates by login on your Amazon Affiliate DashBoard.


You have to chose the niche in which Yo are perfect and you should not choose the products which you don’t even know because if you select the product niche as per by the higher commission rated and even you don’t have any idea about the niche then you may face the problem in Futur because you can’t write perfectly about the product and even you can review the product well.



I hope now you have got an idea about what is Amazon Affiliate and How we can Make Money From It. If you have any doubts regarding amazon Affiliate program and even If you are facing the problem while you are signup the do let me know by the comment section below.

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