How to Move Your Website to WordPress .org

If you have a WordPress website under and your planning to migrate for self Hosting on So this article will help you How to move your to


By moving from to, There are some advantages including you can start monetising your website and also you will have full control over your entire website.


when we talked about the migration. If you do not do the migration in a proper way, you will lose ranking on search engines also and you will also lose your URLs.


Lots of people they keep asking migrating from to the ranking will come down.  There is nothing like that if you do the migration in the proper way you won’t lose your ranking at all.


If you migrate your website for a self-hosted account then there will be a more chance to rank your website on search engines.


  • The below, I am going to tell you the instructions that before you start your migration of website you need to do something like the below.


For every Self Hosting websites, the requirement is the domain name and Web hosting likewise you have to choose the best domain name and hosting company if you have already domain name then fine.


  • There are lots of companies offering the best web hosting services to the customers so you are not going to recommend anyone can have simply searched on Google. 


Starting migrating data from your website:


Export your data by login on your website then just click on export which is under the tools menu.


You should click on that the new Windows will open and it will show you export Data option if you want to export your WordPress site then click on export it is completely free.


By Clicking on export you will see the new window which date are you want to export. Just click on all content then you are ready to export your entire data that I will receive an XML file with all the images and your files and post.


Setup WordPress:

The data which you have collected from the is important for you to setup your self-hosted website. After you have collected the complete data. Now time to setup your WordPress website. 


Installing the WordPress on your Hosting is a damn easy. You can install the WordPress by just some clicks.  you have to install the new version of WordPress. now it’s time to import the data that you have collected from your old website.


Once you have done all these things it’s time to import the data that you have collected from your old website.


Importing the data to new WordPress site:

To import the data to your new website. You have to go to tools > import > to your self-hosted account. 

Once you have clicked on the import you will see the option called WordPress just click on it. While doing this process you need to install the importer plugin. Once you have installed it asks to install the XML file just go ahead with the that.


Redirecting to your new WordPress website for SEO:

Once you have all done all those things. Now you have to redirect to your new site. In SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) base if you want to continue your ranking flow you should redirect with 301 to your Home page. Then only the search engines will understand your ranking factors 


If you want any further information or any doubts regarding this please let me know by the comment section below.

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