iOS emojis for Andriod

How to Get All the iOS emojis for Andriod

When we get the messages from iPhone or any other social media we will see the dots or unsupported format because of its lack of images which support on our Android phone so especially there are lots of emojis which iPhone have in terms of Android emojis so today are you going to tell you How to get all the “iOS emojis for Andriod”  which you can get all the types of images for Android to get complete benefit from iOS emojis.


Lots of the time even when we get the images from social media also there will show some missing characters are empty which means our phone does not have emojis on or mobile.


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So as I said above I’m going to show you How to get all the types emojis on your Android So before going to do that you just follow the below instruction.


The main factor is that you have to download the ZIP file on your Android mobile and install it once you get installed on your mobile so now you can able to receive all the types of emoji’s on Android mobile so before going to install that zip file on a phone your phone should follow the below requirements.


  • If you want to install this emojis zip file your mobile should be rooted
  • Your mobile should have custom recovery feature.
  • Because you have to take your mobiles backup so if anything happens you will get back to your old version of your Android mobile. So backup is needed.


Create a full Nandriod backup for your Andriod Mobile:

Before installing the ios emojis on your android you need to take a backup. Because if went anything wrong then you can flash the original files from the backup that you have taken. and there are some devices which not support some time like Nexus 5. So you have to take care of your mobile data and the software.


NANdroid backup makes you take the complete backup of your Android mobile. including all the files like images, music, videos, and the operating system.


Download the Zip Flashable:

Once you have taken the NANDroid Backup now it’s time to Download the Flashable Zip file which contains all types of emojis. Just yo have to download the all ios emojis zip file. This is the latest emoji of ios. you will get all the emotions emojis and difference types of are available.



Install the new Emojis on your android mobile:

Once you have downloaded all emoji’s now it’s time to install now I will going to show you the best method to install the emoji on your Android mobile.



iOS emojis for Andriod



How to install the emoji:


Ok just follow the below instruction to install iOS emoji’s in Android by the custom recovery method by using TWRP method.


  • If you are using TWRP to install then you can simply boot your mobile into recovery mode.
  • First, you have to press the install button
  • Then you will find out the folder called ” ios emojis”
  • Once you got the folder zip now you need to swipe the slide button to install that iOS emojis.
  • Then finally click on the reboot button to finished the installation process.


This is the procedure that you can Download the ios emojis on Andriod”. If you have any doubts regarding this please do let me know by the comment section below.



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