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If you are a student of the Pima Medical Institute and I just want to access the online learning platform like Blackboard. Then This is the Guide that you will be ging to Learn everything about the PMI Blackboard including the Login into it. So you just have to follow the below Guide to get all the information about PMI Blackboard.


So when you have Joined and started into the PMI Blackboard then it’s very important that having an account on the PMI Blackboard. As you have seen in the above you have already an idea about PMI or Pima Medical Institute and follow to full information


Now coming to the (PMI) Pima Medical Institute is one of the Largest and big Self-owned private allied health schools in the United States of America. This institute Trains the students as allied health care professionals. All the campuses of the PMI have all over the USA. Bureau of Health Education Schools or ABHES has credited all the above educational Groups Nationally. The Nursing Assistant is the very first program that is introduced by the PMI or Pima.



pmi blackboard


So this is a little information about the PMI and If you go through the Process below you will be finding the guide about Login and Reset the password.


PMI Blackboard?

Blackboard Learn™ is an e-learning platform that has been installed by the Pima Medical Institute for the Students of this Institutes. So this Blackboard Learn is the place where students can get the maximum benefit out of it. If you are a student and you just ant to Learn from The PMI Blackboard then you have to Login into the PMI BLackboard. The Following the Features are offered by the Pima, Just look at those all in the below steps.

  • The first thing is students get notified about the announcements like assignment due dates, or course content.
  • Then you will have also the Course section which you will have many other features in it and you will get after you have PMI Blackboard login. You can surf many catalogs in this section.
  • These courses will help students to get the best results in the Grading scale.
  • If you are a student then you will also get features like lessons, tests, assignments, links where you can easily get contact and have a discussion on the Course Content option and man other related Topics.
  • You will find another interesting tab called communication this is very useful for the students because you can have a collaboration discussion board, group pages as being a student of Pima.
  • Get to know about the instructors easily from here that too easily without have much struggling.
  • You will also get many other benefits on this same page where you visit the Hope page of the PMI Blackboard.

These are some of the Benefits of the PMI Blackboard and you will also find so many other Features by linked here and these are the Tutorials where you can get it in the Video content. So do check it once to understand the full benefits of the PMI BlackBoard.


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Blackboard Login Requirements:

Now here you have to Be a Pima Students and this is a very first quality thing. Because when the security concern the PMI Blackboard has strict rules. So there are some requirements which you can easily get into the Blackboard login.


  • The Very thing is as we said you have to be a Student at PMI.
  • You should have an email that has an extension with
  • Have a User name provided by the Pima Medical Institute.
  • Finally, have a Password for the user name that you have.


Still, if you are confused about the User name and Password of the PMI then do check the below Guide to know about those things easily. But These are the two Primary Things where you need to Have for Login into the PMI BlackBoard Login.


Know Username and Password:

As most of the Students know you will get the User name Password from the related department. Once you get these Logi credentials you have to Keep it them carefully. But if you have not done and misplaced those then here you can easily get to know. The PMI has a solution for this on the Student PMI BlackBoard Login Direction Page.



PMI Blackboard login



  • So as you are seeing in the above picture The use Name is the Combination of the First Initial + Last Name + Birth Month + Last 3 digits of SSN  or Social Security Number.
    • Ex: If your name and the birth month are John Rock March 658 then your User name will be Jrock3658.
  • Now coming to the Password this is also very easy to remember and you will simply remember it once you know it. It’s an 8 Digit of your birthdate.
    • Ex: If your Date of birth is Mar 12th, 1989 then the password is 03121989.


PMI Blackboard Login Explanation?

Now here is the Guide about the PMI Blackboard Login which you have seen in the title and this is very easy to login after you have gone through the above Guide. Now you just simply have to follow the below step by step Guide and before login into the account Keep your User name and password with you. These two are the main thing when it comes to the PMI Blackboard or anything for that matter. Another thing is that the User name and the Password must be Correct without any spelling mistakes for successful Login.


PMI Blackboard Login step by step Guide:

Here is the step by step Guide of PMI Blackboard. You just need to have the User name and Password of PMI Blackboard and that too valid without any mistakes so that you can log in successfully.

  • Now you will see page Login page where you need to enter your Login details such as User name and password in the Given Fields.
  • In the User, name Field Enter your Pima User name.
  • Now enter your Password in the second field and enter the password without any spelling mistakes because you won’t log in into the account then.
  • After you have entered these two in the provided fields then simply Click on the Login Button.
  • That’s all now you have successfully logged into the account of PMI Blackboard.

This is how you can simply get into the PMI Blackboard Login. You should have to enter the correct Login details in the User ID and Password.


Reset PMI Blackboard Password?


PMI Blackboard


This can happen most of the time because of many other busy schedules and other things where it makes you not remember the password. Now it’s time to recover it. You don’t need to worry about it even if you have completely forgotten the password. But always remember the Default password is always the same if you have not changed the default password then that will stay the same. In case if you have changed it and forgotten then you need to reset it. Just follow the below steps to learn how to Reset it.


Step By step Password recover Guide:

As being a student and forgotten the Password then you don’t need to worry about it much. Just follow the Guide below which we have explained it How to Reset or recover the password of PMI Blackboard.

  • Simply open the Login page of the PMI Blackboard from the above-Given address and Link.
  • Now Click on the  Forgot Password link which is just beside the Sign In button.
  • After you have landed on the Password reset Page you will see there are two Options to Recover your password.
  • The very first Option is using User name then using an Email address.
  • You can simply choose any Option from these two.
  • Enter the First and last name in the provided Fields then enter the Email address or User name which you are comfortable with.
  • Finally, Click on the Submit Button after you have Filled the details.
  • That’s all Now you have successfully received your Password.

This is how you can simply recover your PMI Blackboard Password without any issues. The Only thing that you need to do is to get the right Guide.

Troubleshoot an issue:

When you log in into the PMI Blackboard you might face some issues where you can easily solve then on your own. When you face some issues like server down and other connectivity problems then you need to consider that you have to have a better and speed internet connection. So you can also check the other issues which we have listed in below and also solve them following the same guide.


  • First thing is that you have to check your Internet connection. If there are any issues with the internet then first fix that issue and reconnecting it.
  • Try to Reboot your Router.
  • Then if there are any issues on the Login page then Reload it and close that window and open it in a New Window.
  • Finally, as we have discussed check the User name and password.


Now you will definitely get rid of the issues by following the above steps but still, if you face any issues then do let us know in the comment section below.


Other links Useful Links on PMI Blackboard:

You will also find the other Useful links where you can simply able to see and check them to get the full information about that particular thing and get the Benefit out it and you will find all these links on the Of Pima Medical Institute on the PMI Blackboard Login Page.



PMI is using the Blackboard Learning management system created by Blackboard Inc. It’s not only that PMI using it there are many other Universities using this and Giving the Best Service to the Students. Also, this System is provided as one of the Top Most Better Learning management systems.


Final Words:

That’s all the complete information about the PMI Blackboard. We hope that you have learned everything which in this Guide and also about the PMI. We also explained it in a very easily understandable way so that every reader of this website can easily understand the Points related to the PMI Blackboard.


If you face any issues then we also have explained about in a Troubleshoot guide and also in the above Reset Guide. we also hope that you have cleared with all the doubts that you ave regarding PMI Blackboard. Still, if you have any doubts then do let us know in the comment section below.


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