PS4 Controller Not Charging

S4 Controller Not Charging Solved now

You find Find the Best Solutions Here For “PS4 Controller Not Charging” on PS4 Controller.


If you are Worrying about the ps4 controller not Charging then you can Simply Follow this Guide we have Explained the Top and the Best  Solutions for your Ps4 Controller to start charging again.


S4 Controller Not Charging:

So Just follow these Methods and Check them once and Let me know in the comment section below which Solution is worked for you.


As most of us Know PS4 Is the Best and Amazing Game Console which you will able to Play the Awesome Games and Also People Are Facing Sometimes with Some like PS4 Controller Not Charging.



PS4 Controller Not Charging



Now when it Comes to the PS4 not Charging it usually happens while you Playing the Game and also it Stops Charging in Between the Game that you Actually Play on the PS4 Controller.


Actually, this Happens Because the Many Reasons which you will be going to see in the Below of this Content and also you Check all these Reasons and apply on Controller then See the results if it is Working Fine or Not. But I will be sure that you will Definitely get the Solution Before Completed to read this Guide.



PS4 Controller Not Charging



Follow These Solutions to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging:


Now I will be Ging to tell you the Best Solutions in the Below in a Serail wise just you have to Find out the Exact Problem And You Need to Apply on Your PS4 Controller the You will Be Gonna Get the Solution For Sure.


Here are the solutions where you will be clear the S4 Controller Not Charging issues. So follow the Guide that has given in a Solutions List. Make sure to read carefully and follow than simply make into the work and get rid of the solution.


Solution #1: Reset PS4 controller:


The First Thing You Need to Try on your PS4 Controller is To Reset the Device. Yes, Before Ging on the Other Solution You have to Rest it by Pressing the Buttons for Few Seconds which located on the Right Side of the Device Rear.

Once you have Successfully Restored then Plugin for the Charge, See if it Helps. Because If the Settings are Override then it Might Have Chance for not Charging.


Solution #2: Charging port damage:


This is also Might Have the Chance which your Ps4 Controller won’t Change. As All, we Know the Charging of the Device is happens through The Charging Port If the Port Is Damages then it Simply will not Charge, Check your Port Once.


Solution #3: Enable Supply Power to USB Ports:


In this Solution, You Just Need to Enable the Supply Power to USB Ports by Simply Going into the Settings of your PS4 Settings > Devices > Power Saving Settings > make the Function in the Reset Mode and Simply Turn on the Supply power to USB ports, It will also charge Iven If it is in the Reset Mode.


Solution #4: Change the charging cable:


If you are Using the Charging Cable from long Ago then it may have Chanced to Damage and the Best Solution for it is you need to change the Cable and try to Charge your PS4 Controller. Before Going to Purchase the New Cable it’s Better to Ask your Friends to Check it Once if it’s Worked then You have to Understand your Cable in Not working because of its been used by Long Ago, So you just need to Change and Start Using the New cable.


Solution # 5: Troubleshooting:

Now you have to Try these solutions as well while the Above Methods will not be worked for you. Still, you able to See the Lights and there are no issues with the connection of PS4 Controller then Simply Connect the PS4 Controller and Press the Rest Button which is located on the Bottom of the Ps4 Controller near to the L2 button as well.


Also, you can Do the Rest by Power Off the PS4 Controller and Press the Reset Button. Now Simply Plug in the USB cable and you need to Turn on the PS4 Controller.  Now if you see Blue Light Flashing then you have to Simply Press the PS Button on the Controller. Now it will be rested Everything Like before.


Solution #6: Replace the battery:


This is also might be the problem of your PS4 Controller Not Charging, if you always play the Games even Charge your PS4 Controller While laying, Wich Means if you are Extreme Player then you Have to Look at once on Your Battery is dead or Not. Yes if You Always plays the Games even its Charging there are heh Chances to Damage your Battery which you need to replace it.



You have Tried all the Above Methods and it Not Worked for you then you have to simply Go to the Service Centres If your Device still Under warranty then they Will Simply Replace the Device which is the Best Solution.


Now you have Got the Solution for your Query “PS4 Controller Not Charging”  Still If you have any Other Doubts let Me know in the Comment section.


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