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Samsung Gear S4 Release Date & New Features 2018: Gear S4 trailer and Rumours

In this Article let Us Explain About Upcoming Samsung Gear S4 Release Date & New Features 2018, Even you can Also watch the Trailer for it. It will be Going to Release in the Next Year.


Also In the Recent, the President of the Samsung Electronics Mr. Sung-Hoon Hong said another gadget Samsung Gear VR3 is also Available in the coming next Year which will be Going to get Excited with this Samsung Gear S4 Smartwatch.


Samsung has just they mentioned about the highly popular Gear S smartwatch series like Samsung Gear S4 with the New IFA technology which is perfect for the Samsung Gear S4. 



The Company is Planned for this Samsung Gear s4 Release date for this Christmas but lets will it be going to be a Rumors or will the Release the Samsung Gear S4 for sure.


There are the Most People who are waiting to Release the Gear S4 which is going to be one of the best Smartwatch that can make your own best in Smartwatch because of the Features and Attractive Design of the Gear S4.


When it comes to me personally I am the Person who is eagerly waiting for the S4 smartwatch that which can Replace my Gear S3 presently which am Using. also, most of my friends still are waiting for Gear s4 to replace the Gear S3 which they are using Now.


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Samsung Gear S4



Samsung Gear S4 Features:


  • Samsung Gear S4 will be Going to Comes with the Best processer with the brand New the Exynos 7 Dual-core 7270 chipset.


  • This Will be Enhanced the Battery Life and also it’s coming with the Samsung New digital voice assistant which is the best Advantage for Gear s4.


  • Samsung new digital voice assistant and Bixby are the additional Advantages for this Smartwatch which all we consider the Bixby is the Best.


  • Gear S4 smartwatch is the called as the Sports watch which is related the Featuwith with Health and Sport.


  • Samsung also made the Charging features which you can Simply charge Samsung Gear S4  by lacing on the Provided Special Case. This will be the Fast Charging Ability to have the Save the Time.


  • This latest Tizen 3.0 operating system will be supported the 4K Ultra HD graphics and the best Quality Image are the Best Feature of Samsung Gear S4.


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Samsung Gear S4 Release Date:


  • South Korean Company unveiled the Gear S3 smartwatch Last year IFA in the August month.


  • Like that Samsung Gear S4 also unlikely release on the IFA Event 2018.


  • So Finally it will be on the IFA Event IFA 2018.


Samsung Gear S4 Price:


  • This Samsung Gear S4 SmartWatch is gas the better chips than the Gear S3 And Also it will more Sport.


  • When there are more Features Added the Abiasly Price will also Increase which means Without no Doubts its Price will be More then Gear S3.


  • We cant say The Exact price what the Samsung will be Going to Give but it may around the $380 Range not Sure.


Samsung Gear S4:


  • Samsung Gear S4 will have Faster Processor and Better Battery Life.


  • Gear Better Display which Looks and Performance also well.


  • S4 Will Run on TizenOS which is Build by Samsung.


  • Tizen 3.0 brought 64-bit Compatibility


Wrapping Up:

This is the Guide for Samsung Gear S4 Release Date & New Features 2018: Gear S4 trailer and Rumours. Keep Visiting the Blog For Upcoming Information on Samsung Gear S4 and More.




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