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How to Transfer Contacts from Sprint to Verizon

Now if you see these days there are lots of Peoples has many contacts list which you can simply not even count them because of the usages that you can see overall requirements and the storage that the mobiles companies are giving the space to save the contacts. Like in the same context lets check how you can easily Transfer contacts from Sprint to Verizon without any Problem for sure.


Most of the times or in many cases it happens when you purchase the New Phone, people are always trying to transfer the contacts when they have purchased the New Phone, it happens because you can simply make it very clear and this is the very easy process among all the other alternatives over there. Especially in this guide, as I mentioned in the title you will learn how you can save the contacts from the Sprint phone and transferring it to a Verizon phone directly without any other problem.


You will finish the learning of this guide within the Below 5 Steps without making any kind of late and also you will be more knowledgeable after following this guide, and I have explained it in a simple and very easily understandable way that everyone can understand even if you are new to this technical stuff.



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Transfer Contacts from Sprint to Verizon:


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Step 1:

In this Very First step, you have to Turn on the Sprint Cell phone and Log on to the Sprint website which is very easy to do it.


Step 2:

After you Get into the Website, its time to Register with Sprint Mobile Sync to start storing the phone contacts online securely without any problem and once you have registered with online free service, if you make any changes in the phone’s contacts it will automatically update and stored online also. So you don’t need to worry about it when you made any changes in your Phones contacts lists.


Step 3:

Now you have to Download the Desktop Sync application from the Sprint website. After you have downloaded just open it up and transfer all the Sprint phone’s contact information to Microsoft Outlook which you will able to see the options while you are Transfering the contacts.


Step 4:

Now purchase and activate the new Verizon cell phone, then Goto the Verizon Website and register with it and download the Verizon Backup Assistant syncing application to start transferring the Contacts from Sprint to Verizon easily.


Step 5:

Finally, you have to use the Verizon Backup Assistant to start transferring your saved contact information from Microsoft Outlook to the Verizon phone.



This is how you can simply Transfer Contacts from Sprint to Verizon and I hope you have learned this Guide and understood very well, also if you did not yet understand or any other Doubts that you have then simply Do let me know in the comment section Below.



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