verizon email to text

As all, we know the Text message service means which we can send Messages through the mobile in a written or typed message. This can Over one mobile to another through a wireless network. A text message is very Popular and this is one of the easiest ways to reach your message to another person. Also, this works in Offline when you don’t have a network.


So Here After you have decided to send a text message to your friends but don’t you have a cell phone? You don’t need to worry because here is the solution still you can easily send a text message to your friend and others by following the guide below.


Now you can easily send a text message via email to a person using the Verizon network. just you have to follow the guide carefully to do how to send it.



verizon email to text



Verizon Email to Text


Step 1:

The Very First thing you that you have to is to login into the Myverizon Verizon Login using your valid email id and the password. Its a necessary thing to login into the Account to start sending an email to a Verizon phone as text.


Step 2:

Now Click on the Compose to start to create a new mail. Here is the point in the to field you have to enter the Phone Number followed “” For example, if your number is like  555-123-4567 then you have to enter  [email protected].


Step 3:

After you have entered into the To Field then start entering the text that you need to send. compose the text in the composting space. By this time the text limit is 160 characters. If you want to send anything you have to tell in that character only. But If you want to send more then you can go for another email by the same as you have done above. After you have written the thing you wanted to send then simply click on the send button.


That’s all now you have successfully sent the message. So now Verizon has also the message option, the only thing that you have to understand is to know.


We hope that you have learned How to Email to Verizon Text. By following the guide above you will be able to do Verizon email to text. Still, if you have any doubts regarding this guide simply do let me know in the comment section below.


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