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What song is this? Top 5 Best Song Identifier App’s for Android

In this Article, I will be Going to tell you The Best Android Song Identifier app which helps to recognize the Music Around you and The Below Song Identifier apps are work most effectively after you just say What song is This?


After Reading This Article you will definitely feel that is that easy that find a music by using these apps. Because these apps have that’s the level of Potential to Identify the song, by simply saying after what song is This?  in the Most cases we will remember the song name and We know the song is very well but the problem is when the time will come to tell the Album Name and The Artist name.


Once you have these apps with you, you no need to worry Because these Song Identifier Apps are very Helpful when you are not able to find the Name of the Song or Album. Most of the time also happens to us that we remember the tune but not what the exact song. Even if you remember the tune also fine, these apps will do the work for you. which means some time if you humm the song it’s enough. These apps will listen to the humming and find the song that you are looking for. You can also try on the Goole App just you need to open the Google App And say Google What song is this and it will give the answer if it’s possible for your song. If not given the Exact song that you are looking for then you can go for the Below Song Identifying Apps to get the answer of your Query What song Is this with the help of Music identify Andriod Apps.




If you still not find the song that you want after speaking What song is this from Google. you no need to worry. This below Information Will definitely Help you to get the answer for What song is this?  Just you need to install these  Apps on your Smartphone and you have to follow the instructions of that particular app which I will be going to tell you in the below of each and every induvial apps. Because every app is the different ways to find the song. These apps just simply work when you Song a song on your mobile after launching the App or else even if you don’t remember the song just if you know the tunes of that song then it will be ok. you can simply humm or else you can also put the other mobile to this app installed mobile after start playing the song, it will detect the audio of the Song and it will give the Matched results of that song that you have played at the mobile.




Actually, Song Identifier App completely works Based on the Song DataBase. which means when you sing or humm the Song these apps will start to work to find the song based on the lyrics/ songs tunes compose. it’s completely working on the Online song and the song that you are singing should matches. when you hmmm the song or sing a song it should be matched. which means these app work in this to match the song and give the result which is matched the Best results what the user giving.


The Below apps are the Best Song Identifier Apps and also you can Download the Song Once it finds the best-matched song of you. Some of these apps not only Fond the Music they also give the best music albums within the app to listen and download the song. just you need to download the app on your Mobile and start using the apps which you like most after this Article finished.


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1. Shazam:

Shazam will be the First in this list because of its performance of this song. this will work perfectly when you want to find the song. This will work when you Song or humm the song into the app. or else if you heard the song where outside and you have listened to the Song and you need to know about the song then place your mobile towards the song was coming from. Now Shazam will try to identify the song and it will give you the result that you want. ALl these happen within the seconds.



What Song is this?



Best Features of the Shazam:

  • It recognizes the song as fast as it can.( Fast recognization)
  • Maximum It can Identify all the songs
  • It has the Youtube Feature to enjoy the Lyrics the audio song.
  • You will get the Updates about the New videos and albums.
  • Easy preview of the song before you Download
  • Available for free of cost.
  • There is all the artist around the world.
  • Shazam supports all the Platforms.



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2. Music Identification:

This is the Biggest music collection App over 130millions of collections. This will work best for to find the song which you will give the input. The Nest part of this app is the Ads Free you and quickly find the song that you want. it just identifies the song based on the Data base that it has and will give the results as quickly as it can.


What song is this?



Best feature Of Music Identification:

  • Largest music collection.
  • It will find almost all the songs.
  • It’s a free App to Download
  • It will generate the links automatically to download the song.
  • If you want to work this app perfectly then you Need to Set the High Base Setting.


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3. Genius:

Genius is the best song identify App that allows you to find the song quick and easy. Just you need to hold the mobile towards the Audio is coming from. This App will start giving the song that you want with lyrics and also its make ready about the song with complete details including the song name, album, name and the artist of that particular song. you will also get the lyrics along with the audio song that you are hearing.


What song is this?


Best Feature about the Genious:

  • This app will allow you to identify the song with lyrics and give to you the exact match details.
  • You can use it with Pandora, Spotify, and SoundCloud and many other Music apps.
  • Get the lyrics as the songs play.
  • Easy to use and identify almost every song.
  • Free to Downald the Genious App.



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4. Music Recognizer Identify Song:

This is the App that you can Get the song that you want to listen on your Android Smartphone. The Best part of this app is this will Find the Music within 5 Seconds along with Artist name and the album name. First, this app work on the Title database which means it will give the Result as per the title match. if it’s not found then it will also go into the Songs Lyrics to give the best result as it can.


What song is this?



Best features of Music Recognizer:

  • Fast Recognition.
  • Best Voice Search Feature.
  • Easy to use the app and Free To Download.
  • You can also find the Video using this app.


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5. TrackID (Music Recognition App):

This TrackID is the app that has more and best-looking app from the Sony and it will tell you the Exact song that you are Listening and it has the best User Interface to navigate and browse the songs easily. Identifying the Song is very simple, you can Just know the Song by Tapping on one Button So that you can get the Song that you want. You can not only get the name of the Song, Including the Song Name, you will also get the Artist information, Album, and Biography of your favorite artist. Once you got the song you can simply listen to the song and You can also Download the Song and listen to the music whenever you want. It will also be going to Save on the apps as a cached so that you can listen to the song on online Streaming.


What song is this?



Best Feature of TrackID:

  • Find any Song that you want by Pressing One Single Button.
  • On the Start page of this App History of the Songs Available that which songs you heard and all that.
  • There is an Offline Mode Available to identify the songs and make these songs to listen when the network available.
  • There is a Preview Of the Song is Available to Conform the song that you are looking for.
  • You can also watch the youtube videos.
  • It Completely free of Cost and Easy to Use.


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6. MusicXmatch:

This is one of the Best music recognization App with lyrics when it comes to the find the Song it just works with intelligence. which means The database of this app has built to find the song to Quickly. and moreover, There are millions of the people who are using this app to find the unknown songs on their Andriod Mobile.

MusicXmatch is available more than 32 languages in various countries, and this the best app to give the best answer to your question that whatever song you play in front of this app. it works just like a smart.



What song is this?


Best Features of MusicXmatch:

  • You can Search Any song lyrics to find the song and its Details.
  • This app also has the Equalizer and Sleep Timer.
  • Now you can Create and share your favorite lyric with our friends.
  • It will Identify the Song Quickly.
  • Supports Andriod Wear and Andriod TV
  • You also watch the Youtube Videos.
  • Its Available for free and The navigation of this app is pretty easy to use.


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7. SoundHound Music Search:

SoundHound is the Best music identify app to find the Songs that you want.  Just you need to install the app on your Mobile and just you have to say “Ok Houd What that Song “ or what is the Song Name? Now it will start working to find the Exact song and give you the Best Result that it can. There is a grate Inbuilt Music Player within the App. The best part of this app is it will find the Music even if you Hmmm the Song. It’s Happen most if the Time In our Daily life, We actually don’t remember the Song and we remember the little bit of the Song that to tune. Just tapping the SIngle click you will get the Song Details like song Name, Album Name, and Artist name etc.


SoundHound Music Search image



Best Features of SoundHoound:

  • Best and Quick Sound Identify App.
  • Just you need to say What song is this to find the Song Name.
  • Inbuilt Music Player within the App itself.
  • Easy to use and you will get for Free


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These are the List that you can Download the Pptht you like mist by simply Installing on your Smartphone. Most of these apps work by simply saying what song is this. Now you no need to say on the Google App that Ok Google what song is this, because all these Apps will work Great to identify the Songs quickly.

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