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Whatsapp 2 App Download in Android Phone | Dual whatsapp 2020

Hello Guys, Today I will be Going to tell you that How you can simply Download Whatsapp App and Use Dual Whatsapps in One Single Phone So simply You have to follow the below Steps and Enjoy 2 Whatsapp on single Phone. To Use WhatsApp 2 app on your Mobile you no need Download to Install any other Third Party Installation and you can Simply Use 2 WhatsApp account in one Andriod Device.


Whatsapp 2:

Most of the People Having one Android Mobile and they always wanted to Use 2 WhatsApp Account, So you are at the Right Place to Find out Whatsapp 2 using by carefully Following the Below Steps. I Have Brought This Whatsapp 2 Tricks After Researched Lot and Even I have used this and it worked tremendously.


I have Provides the Best Guide as possible as I can to Get best to My readers, you will find the How you can Exactly Do and start Using 2 Whatsapp on a Single Android Mobile Device. You will there is serval Way on the internet but most of them are not Work and you will get Disappointed and some of them are completely Fake but in this case, you are in such a place where you will get the Solution without having Doubted.


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WhatsApp 2 app



like I Said when there are two Accounts on everywhere and you will be going to Get the best statues that can have multiple Status and multiple Dp and more Dual you will get for sure. So if you want to use the Two Whatsapp account on a single Android Mobile then Follow the Guide below. You will find there are multiple options that you can try on and the dual Whatsapp on a single mobile is always liked by most of the people.


Note: First you should try for the Dual space on your Mobile, these days Most of the Android Mobiles are coming with the Dual Space which is very Safe to Use.


In the previous article, we have Also Explained About GBWhatsapp So you can Download it By Simply Following the Guide and Once you have to Get it then you Don’t Need o Worry ABout Dual Whatsapp 2 in your Mobile. You will also see there is a Guide which you can Use WhatsApp 2 Using Dual Whatsapp Apk. When I say Whatsapp 2 it Means Multiple Whatsapp Account on your Android mobile.


Some People are very much interested in using the Dual Whatsapp on their mobiles and also there are the People who want to keep one Whatsapp account privately, So there are differences you will find. But in this Guide, you will be going to find all the answers to all these queries that you always wanted to know liketh benefits app Dual Whatsapp and more.


Whatsapp 2 Accounts in one Andriod Mobile:

Now I will be going to tell you the Best Working Methods for you which you will be going to love for Sure. As is Said above you will find there are multiple ways to use Multiple Whatsapp Account on one Single Android Mobile But most of them Are Fake or won’t Even Work.


Are you getting Confusion After Reading and Seeing many Ways but from now you No need to Feel and get Confused because you Will be going to Learn And Get one 100% Solution here and you will Atsrt Using the Whatsapp 2 on one Android Mobile. most of the People also love to use two WhatsApp int one which you will be also interested and you will have a great guide here That I have explained in the best way.


People will always love using the 2 Whatsapp accounts in one single smartphone. But these days now you will find Dual space in Android Mobiles. So if you have this Dual space in your Mobile you don’t need to download the below Given the third party WhatsApp apk. But if not then Simply Proceed for the below Step.


Now you will be going to Learn A simple way to Use 2 Whatsapp on one Mobile by using your Original Whatsapp and another One is GBWhatsapp. If you Not get What I said them Let me Explains to you in Detail.


  1. Your Original Whatsapp App is for your 1st Whatsapp Account.
  2. Second is GBWhatsapp Account as your 2nd Whatsapp Account.


Let’s Discuss in detail that ow you Install both in One Android Mobile How to Start Using without Having any Problem. These are the two Kind of methods which is being used by most of the People and they have been successfully Running on their Mobiles.


Your Original WhatsApp APK is your First Dual WhatsApp 2:

First, you have to Keep your Original Whatsapp App which is already on your Android Mobile and It will Consider as your First Whatsapp account in our Dual Whatsapp 2 account. if you do not yet install on your Android Mobile then simply you can download it from the below link that I have given or else you can download it from Google Play Store.

Download Now

This is our Regular and official Whats app that you can Easily Download from iTunes for iOS and Google play store for Android. Now enter your Mobile number after installing the first Whatsapp account that you have Downloaded now. It’s like Your regular downloading and also set up your account by following what task o the Screen.


GBWhatsapp is your Second Whatsapp account in Dual Whatsapp 2:

I hope you have already installed your Original Whatsapp on your Android Mobile. No its Time to Start Downloading and Installing your Second Whatsapp Account On your Mobile. By following the Full Guide below you will be able to Understand everything about GBWhatsapp which is the second app on your Mobile.


I think you might have heard about GB WhatsApp Tease Days and GBwhatsapp is one of the Most popular App nowadays that are many People are Using These days. So now you have to use this GBWhatsapp as your Second Whatsapp Account on your Android Mobile which is Pretty Clear right. Now you have Simply Download and Install it.


If you Don’t Know How to Do it then Read This GBWhatsApp Downloading and Installation Procedure on Your Android Mobile. If you want to know the Best Feature ABout this GBWhatsapp then SImply Checkout in the Below.


Best Feature of GBWhatsapp:

These are the topmost and the Best Features of the GBWhatsapp, You can check out these features in the below and get benefit out from these. Also being a user of GBWhatsapp you must know these for sure. Before you gong into the GB whats app it’s always best to know the features where you can simply get benefit out of it.


  • You Can Simply Hide the Last Seen, which is most of the people want this to Hide their privacy.
  • Setup for 24ht Online which Always Shows Online Always Which can make fool to your friends.
  • Also, Hide Options For Double Tick and Blue Tick. This is one of the Features that are people are looking for to do some tricks.
  • You can Simply Increase the Group Limit, which is Limited by the Whatsapp.
  • Send a Broadcast Message more than 600 members and 90+ Images, at a Time This is Huge Right.
  • You can Also find Beautifull Thems which looks Awsome of UI.
  • Group Invite Links.
  • Etc.


Download GBWhatsapp


So these are the Best Features and Realy Cool right. If you want to Use Dual Whatsapp 2 on one single Android then you have to Use original Whatsapp and This GBWhatsapp. You can simply download the GBWhaysapp and install it on your Android by the Above Guide.


Use Dual Whatsapp on one Android Even Using this Method:

The Above Methods I said will work for Sure still you want to try new Which is A requirement of the Third-Party App in this Method. If you Ask me to Suggestion the I will be Suggest the Above method but Some people want something different even its From the third party then Try this Method. So still wants to try this Then Simply Follow the Guide which will be going to Explains in detail.


Dual whatsapp 2



  • First, you have to  Download Parallel Space for the Google Play Store.
  • Now Install it on your Mobile once it Downloaded and it’s Simple like How you Install other apps o your Mobile.
  • Once it’s Successfully Installed the Simply Open it from there or Else you can Open it from the Home Screen.
  • Now you will see a Box with the Shape of Square from it you have to Open Whatsapp from there.
  • To Open it, You need to click on the Application now it will make a Clone of Whatapp.
  • Now you will able to See WhatsApp APK over there and Simply Click on it.
  • It will now Be Opened with the Starting page of Whatsapp.
  • Now You Have to Enter Your Mobile number and it’s your Time To Verify it like how you do with an Original Whatsapp App.
  • Now you ca Sart Using the Dual Whatsapp On one Android Mobile.
  • You can also Clone Whatsapp App Many Time to use Multiple Whatsapp on One Phone.
  • Enjoy Using Whatsapp 2 on a single Mobile from now.




This is another way of Use the Dual Whatsapp On one android mobile. but I will be Going to refer to the First Method which is Easy and Simple Aswell. So now you can choose the way you like and which you find very easy to do it. So I hope now you have got all the Points about the Dual Whatsapp 2.


Now, This is the completed the Guide of Dual Whatsapp 2″. I Hope now you have Got a Complete understan9ng of Using the Multiple Whatsapp in now Android mobile.


If you take all this an A single like then It Two ways to Use Dual Whatsapp 2 One is Using Original Whatsapp App and GBWhatsapp and Second Way is that Using the Using Parallel Space Application On Android.


I hope you liked this article and If your friend and Family People want to Use Multiple Whatsapp on one android then Let them Know by Share this article and keep Visiting this blog For more Tips and tricks.


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